New WordPress Plugins

Over the past few days I have had some downtime. So I developed two new WordPress Plugins that can help with SEO and tracking website performance.

No Follow All External Links

wordpress-track-outbound-linksNo Follow All External Links – This plugin simply tells search engines not to look at any outbound links on the entire website.

This script runs just before page load and looks over all of the HTML code for “<a href=” any domain name that is not the current website. The script then adds rel=”nofollow” to the outbound links.


Google Analytics Track Outbound Links

wordpress-rel-nofollowGoogle Analytics Track Outbound Links – This plugin adds JavaScript that allows tracking of outbound links in Google Analytics.

Whenever a link “<a href” is clicked my JavaScript code checks if it is outbound, if it is it pauses for a millisecond sending an event to Google Analytics telling it that someone clicked on this website that was an outbound link, then it redirects the user to that link. Tracking outbound links in Google Analytics is not something that can be normally done.

Have any ideas for other plugins, or need help with your WordPress website, contact me and maybe I can help.